History of HTMLGuy, and Versatilty Werks

Everyone starts somewhere. Check out my portfolio to see recent work.

Oct 2010
Picture of Shane wearing Versatility Werks t-shirt

A young HTMLGuy

This picture was taken shortly after registering my first company "Versatility Werks".

Oct 2010
Original Versatility Werks Logo

My First Logo

This first draft of the Versatility Werks logo was only used for a short time.‍

Oct 2010
Original verswerks.com website


First website. Notice the ad on the side for my photography business. You can still see some of my photos on National Geographic.

Nov 2010
Second Versatility Werks Logo

Logo Redesign

This second version of the logo was in service from 2010-2011 in various forms.‍

Nov 2010
First Versatility Werks business cards

First Business Cards

Spent some time on VistaPrint.com and had these puppies printed up.‍

Dec 2010
Second verswerks.com website

VersWerks.com 2nd Version

My second website added a video portfolio to the homepage. These were dark times.

Mid 2011
verswerks.com third version of the website

VersWerks.com 3rd Version

Finished the 3rd iteration of the website.

Mid 2011
mockup for fourth verswerks.com website

VersWerks.com 4th Version Mockup

Started designing a new site and upped my game with certifications and accreditation!

Mid 2011
Gladiator Hosting website advertisement for Versatility Werks

Gladiator Hosting Partnership

A hosting provider liked what I was doing and partnered with me to provide hosting for my clients and advertising for my services.

Late 2011
Redesigned Versatility Werks Logo

Final Logo Design

In 2011, I upgraded to this stylish and modern logo, which I stuck with until closing shop in 2018.

Late 2011
verswerks.com fourth version of the website

VersWerks.com 4th Version

Finished the 4th iteration of the website.

Early 2012
FL, the sunshine state


We migrated to Port Charlotte, FL to escape the cold Minnesota winters. ‍

Mid 2012
Versatility Werks second business cards

2nd Business Cards

I came up with the idea of putting my listing first on Google and was excited to get the business cards printed up. Unfortunately, they were a bit "busy" so people rarely noticed. ‍

Late 2012
verswerks.com fifth version of the website

VersWerks.com 5th Version

Started to really focus on responsive/mobile-friendly design. ‍

Mid 2013
verswerks.com sixth version of the website

FLWebsites.biz 6th Version

In an effort to improve SEO and make my domain easier to remember, I switched from verswerks.com to FLWebsites.biz. ‍

Late 2013
verswerks.com Holiday Sale 2013

2013 Holiday Sale

The verswerks.com homepage advertising a holiday sale. ‍

Early 2014
verswerks.com seventh version of the website

FLWebsites.biz 7th Version

Another site redesign. ‍

Chargebacks911 circa 2014

Full-time position with Chargebacks911

I moved to Clearwater, FL and started a full-time position at Chargebacks911 where I worked for several years allowing my business to stagnate. During this time I worked with a great team and held several titles from Web Developer to Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead. ‍

Early 2017
HTMLGuy logo mockup


I knew I wanted to get my development business going again and saw an opportunity to acquire HTMLGuy.com. Learning from my mistake with Versatility Werks, I went with something very industry-specific. I mocked up this sample logo and a very talented designer from Canada created the version you see today. ‍

Early 2017
HTMLGuy logo with multiple programmers

HTMLGuy, one or many?

I fought with myself on how to approach the issue of enterprise clients not taking my company seriously with a singular name like HTMLGuy. So I originally had the designer working to create a logo that showed me with a team of other programmers. Eventually, I decided to embrace the individuality of HTMLGuy to eliminate confusion. ‍

Mid 2017
HTMLGuy characters

Character design

I was so happy with the designer's work, I asked him to create characters I could use on my website. ‍

Early 2018
verswerks.com final screenshot

Versatility Werks closed

Versatility Werks closed it's doors in early 2018 so I could focus on a new partnership, and in preparation for HTMLGuy.com's launch. This is a final screenshot of the site at that point. ‍

Aug 2018
HTMLGuy.com Mockup 2018

HTMLGuy.com Mockup

Initial design for the homepage. ‍

Oct 2018
HTMLGuy.com first version of the website

HTMLGuy.com is live

Launched HTMLGuy.com on October 1st 2018! ‍

Jan 2020

Started at OfficeDepot

Started a full-time position as a Software Architect at OfficeDepot headquarters. ‍