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Why trust me to build your online service?


You've already been burned by others.

If you’ve hired a developer or development firm before, odds are you’ve been frustrated by delays, massive bugs, unreliable progress, endless up-sells, and after everything you were probably over-budget.

I work closely with my clients to provide fair estimates and reliable updates in manageable intervals. This could be daily, every few days, or weekly based on your desire for involvement. I put myself in your shoes and strive to provide the quality of service I would expect if I were hiring a senior Full-Stack Software Engineer.

You need more than a Wordpress site.

As a Software Engineer, I specialize in what's called software-as-a-service (SAAS). Generally, SAAS means a cloud-hosted program which can be accessed from anywhere without the need to download or install anything; These services can be paid for on a monthly basis and passively updated.

Examples of SAAS: Salesforce, Wix, and DocuSign.

Most of my SAAS projects have been white-label services. My client owns the platform, and their customer (another business - B2B) uses it with their own branding.

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You don't want to start out..dated.

I use the latest and greatest, shy of bleeding edge.

Whenever new code is involved, you can virtually guarantee it will contain two things: bugs and security vulnerabilities. Most issues are found and patched in later versions (old versions are abandoned over time). With my years of experience, I’ve found the ideal balance of modern features and stability/security.

You care about mobile devices.

Your customers are increasingly (or exclusively) mobile and I’ll make sure the software I develop for you caters to them with cross-device compatibility from the start.

I've been building mobile-friendly websites since 2012, so I'm no stranger to responsive design.

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Every project is unique. Once you submit the details of yours, I'll reach out for further information (if needed), or get to work on a development plan and proposal for you.