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Current FarFromBoring.com

What is it?

An online store targeting businesses and organizations who are in the market for branded products.

Start Date

October 2013


Zurb Foundation, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MYSQL


  • Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)
    (Product Details/Virtual Samples)
  • Mailgun (Transactional Emails)
  • Algolia (Product Search)
  • Authorize.net (Payments)
  • Zip-Tax (Tax Rates)
  • ZamZar (File Conversion)
  • Google (Analytics)
  • ReCaptcha (Anti-Spam)

Custom Built Features

  • All Designs
  • Public Site
  • Customer Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Cart/Checkout
  • Automated Follow-ups
  • Blog & Editor

Design Timeline

Mid 2019
FarFromBoring.com Beta 2019

3rd Design

Complete rebuild using pseudo-SPA architecture, the latest version of Bootstrap, a RESTful API backbone instead of direct database connection, and much more modern product customization widget. Built for multiple tenants, this whitelabel-friendly site features a very bland default template which can be heavily customized for a more unique appearance. Launch TBD.

Late 2015
FarFromBoring.com 2015

2nd Design

We made a decision to go more modern (flat colors). This design was created using Zurb's Foundation and included was an employee portal. Now employees could login and add blog posts, manage clients, orders and website submissions, create promo codes, and more. Previously this functionality was only in Salesforce and they manually entered leads they received via email.

Late 2014
FarFromBoring.com Late 2014

Categories & New Buttons

Mid 2014
FarFromBoring.com Mid 2014

First Custom Site

I rebuilt the site from scratch using Bootstrap including a complicated integration with Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) for product data.

Nov 2013
FarFromBoring.com 2013


I was initially hired to complete this site that was started by an Indian firm in CSCart. I quickly discovered the client's needs were too dynamic and custom to work within this software, so we decided to start fresh.

Oct 2013
FarFromBoring.com 2013

Old Design

This is what the site looked prior to taking over.